Other Charges

At the Law Offices of Eric B. Morrell, we have extensive experience defending people in New Jersey who have been charged with Indictable Offenses or Disorderly Persons Offenses. In our years of practice, we have successfully protected the rights of thousands of individuals. We also frequently represent Rutgers students in criminal, DWI and municipal court matters.

As part of our comprehensive legal representation, The Law Offices of Eric B. Morrell have established solid relationships with a team of experts to assist our client’s criminal defense. To do so, we may encourage our clients to work with external resources such as Private investigators, DWI Consultants, psychologists, counselors, and bail bondsmen. This allows us to keep our fees reasonable while providing comprehensive and thorough representation.


A Lawyer That Truly Cares. Here Are A Few Words From One of Our Clients..

“In a time of stress and a situation with no hope, Eric offered his services and reassured me that he would do his very best with my case. Though the words were there, they did not sink in until he worked with me throughout every phase of the process. He was accommodating, respectful, and sympathetic”


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