Retarget Marketing Stats
Retarget Marketing Stats

About Us

Located in the greater New York City area, Thompson Media has been helping brands increase their revenue for years. Unlike other marketing groups, Thompson Media not only locates your target audience but we actually target them, and we don’t miss. We send visually stunning digital ads directly to people who are already  interested in your company, increasing sales and driving traffic towards your business! Gone are the days of wasting time and money on ads with little to no outreach!  Thompson Media knows how often your website is being viewed and now you can too.  We send ads to previous customers encouraging future purchases and generating customer loyalty.  We even target people who have abandoned shopping carts on your website!

Here Are the Facts

Research shows that 72% of online shoppers are likely to abandon their shopping carts prior to making a purchase. Without retargeting only 8% of those shoppers are likely to return to complete those transactions. With retargeting 26% of those people are likely to return and complete their check out process. EMarker estimates that 73% of internet users will make purchases online this year! What makes our ads different from regular Facebook ads? We have a 10x higher click through rate!

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Interns Needed

Are you a young scholar looking to land a job in the marketing industry? Thompson Media is the place for you.